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Beans, auto wird während einer Demonstration am Tag der offenen Schultür von einem Panzer überrollt. This is the second episode in which his car failed to make an appearance. Bean arrives at the hospital, parking his Mini behind an ambulance.This Mini is on display at National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. He finds one for Teddy, but when he finds his, it's broken and so he spends the episode looking for another one. A homage to the episode Do-It-Yourself. It is possible this is for anti-theft reasons, as the car thief (in "The Trouble with. Trivia He uses a padlock to lock his car door for all of his Mini's. Hair by Mr Bean of London: Bean arrives at a fete and immediately causes mayhem by parking his car in a pen intended for sheep 15 The Best Bits. Bean " and ". Bean: In the first episode Mr Bean used his first Mini to ride to school, church and the beach. Bean In 2015 to celebrate his 25th anniversary Bean drives around through the parks and landmarks of London in a Mini on top of the roof in an armchair. In Back to School, Mr Bean: Unable to park his Mini in the car park, Bean spots a similar-looking Mini ( (registration ACW 497V) in a reserved parking space, finds it unlocked, and substitutes the cars. In the compilation episode "The Best Bits. There are six different minis used by him. Bean's Holiday, now with the registration YGL 572T. The Return of Mr Bean: Bean never appeared in his Mini in this episode. Ayúdalo a conducir el auto por toda la ciudad mientras busca el lugar en que le corresponde estacionarlo, antes que termine el tiempo. Bean and was crashed at the end mister bean auto of the episode. Um mehr über Mr, bean herauszufinden, besuche: Mr, bean auf Facebook m/mrbean Folge Mr Bean auf Twitter m/mrbean. Now I don't know if it's because they were both officers and from the same era, but they have many similarities with their mannerisms and behaviour, it was uncanny really, like I was with my grandfather again. Mind the Baby, Mr Bean: Bean's car inadvertently drags a pram on an unscheduled journey.

Bean: Mister bean auto

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Aus der Folge "Zurück zur Schule. In this episode the famous Green Mini made mister bean auto his debut, but without the padlock. Goodnight Mr Bean: Although the Mini has been crushed it reappears in this episode. Fourth Mini (registration C607 EUW).

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